About Us

Thanks for your interest in our company.  If you are reading this you are likely a potential new customer and a cautious internet shopper, wondering if our store is legit.  It is.  We'll keep this paragraph brief and hopefully it provides the confidence to plunge in and place your first order!   Quite simply, we have found that the two most important jobs we have are to ship promptly, and to deliver a good product.  We have literally been doing this for over 20 years and we've got it down.  While the products on our website are all high quality, we are especially proud of our made-in-the-USA silicone vacuum hose.  It's been a favorite of our repeat automotive and industrial users for a generation. Please enjoy our prompt shipping and our extreme gratitude even more by trying some other items too. If you order before 2PM Eastern Time on a non-holiday weekday, your order will ship out that day.  In over 20 years, of course there have been a few times we have blown that shipment commitment, we are located in the snow belt just south of Buffalo, NY after all. Our carriers can't pickup in a blizzard, and we can't drive to the post office during a driving ban.  And there was Covid.   But we have hit our ship-out commitment well over 99% of the time.  Please consider the above paragraph to be our simple mission statement.

If you are a with a company looking for custom made hoses, we do that too.  (Just an FYI, custom hoses means hose made to your company's specs, or branded with your company's logo, or both.  Due to the necessary set-up for custom made hoses, they can not be done for one-off applications. They are for commercial entities only - minimum quantities and set-up charges apply. We can make virtually any custom made hose concept a reality, contact us for information.

If you are still reading, perhaps you might also be interested in a brief history of our business.  If not, feel free to bail, no offense taken.  In the 1990's Ted, our company owner, would drag race at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.  The racing was fun and there were lots of nice and talented people there.  Ted got to know a good parts maker (that didn't particularly have a lot of time, nor like dealing with sales) so a proposal was made that a separate company be established to sell this maker's parts for him.  BoostController.com was born.  While that part maker is no longer in the industry, today Ted and several employees continue to carry on our small business, for a new generation. A big thank you... to all of our long-time and new customers for doing business with us.  Small businesses (like ours!) are the backbone of United States commerce and you are doing a great thing by helping small businesses continue to employ great workers and keep money in our domestic economy and our communities.

Now what?  Take a look at our Silicone Vacuum Hose or browse our other products using the navigation at the top, and place an order today.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.   Our crew is often quite busy and can't always get to a ringing phone so if by chance you get voicemail, leave a message, we will get back to you.  If it's not urgent, it's best to use our contact form or email.   

And one more thing.  BoostController.com is owned and operated by Integrity Speed LLC, a New York State Limited Liability Company.  (But it's still a small business trying to do our part by doing business with other small businesses,  keeping people employed, and hopefully putting smiles on our customer's faces with our honest service.)