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Spring Tension Clamps - variety of sizes (10-PACK)

Spring Tension Clamps - variety of sizes (10-PACK)

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Similar to the Turbosmart spring tension clamps but in a full range of sizes, these self-tensioning spring band clamps help provide a leak-free seal by adapting to the expansion and contractions of hoses that are subject to fluctuating temperatures within engine compartments.  A good fastener for your silicone vacuum hose needs.  Ideally, you do not need clamps like these when your vacuum hose is properly fitted to the fitting that it is attached to... tension should do its job and hold the hose securely.  But if your hose is just a little too large in diameter, or if you like to have fail-safes on all your projects, these just might be for you.   Pack of 10.

We have provided a sizing guide for these spring tension clamps to be used specifically with our silicone hose and the nylon hose fittings on our site.  The fittings chosen for the sizing guide tend to minimizes the interior restriction as much as possible, meaning the fittings are a little larger in diameter than might typically be selected.  If you are using a different hose / fitting combo than recommended on the chart below, the general rule is to use a spring tension clamp with a size that is 1 mm less than the OD of the hose when installed on the fitting.  For example, of the OD of the hose when pushed on to the fitting is 11mm, chose clamp size 10. 

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