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Vibrant Performance

Aluminum T Fitting

Aluminum T Fitting

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Aluminum Barbed T fitting.  The aluminum construction affords high heat resistance and more structural integrity than standard nylon fittings.   Useful for dual turbo applications to "T" the line from the boost controller to the two wastegate actuators. Also useful to tap into boost signal line.  The material is black-anodized 6061 Aluminum Alloy.   Price is for one fitting.

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Sizing Guide for vacuum hose fittings

Sizing Guide

Here are suggested fitting / vacuum hose pairings. These particular pairings are suggested to keep the restriction caused by the fitting to a minimum. As a consequence you may have to expend some effort to get the hose on to the fitting, but vacuum hose is rather forgiving in that regard so with a little water or alcohol used as a lubricant you should be able to twist the vacuum hose on to the suggested fitting size.

2mm vacuum hose -> use 1/8 fitting

3mm vacuum hose -> use 5/32 fitting

3.5mm vacuum hose -> use 3/16 fitting

4mm vacuum hose -> use 3/16 fitting

5mm vacuum hose -> use 1/4 fitting

6mm vacuum hose -> use 5/16 fitting

8mm vacuum hose -> use 3/8 fitting