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Gates Submersible Fuel Line Hose

Gates Submersible Fuel Line Hose

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Inside Diameter

If your in-tank applications and fuel systems cause your hoses to be in constant contact with gasoline or other fuel fluids, you need the Gates Submersible Fuel Hose. Most fuel lines are only designed to handle fuel on the interior of the hose, which can be damaged if the exterior is exposed to fuel. Gates Submersible Fuel Line Hose is capable of handling multiple types of gasoline and fuels, including gasoline, alcohol-extended gasoline, ethanols, biodiesel or diesel fuel in fully-immersed, mobile and stationary applications. Engineered for fully submersible use, these hoses are excellent for use on gas tank fuel pumps.

  • Temperature tolerance range of -40°C to +150°C (-40°F to +302°F).
  • Comprised of a FKM tube and cover with a synthetic fiber reinforcement.
  • Exceeds required SAE 30R10 standard.
  • Working pressure of up to 100 PSI.

    Our hose is in bulk and we cut your hose to length.  For example, if you order quantity 7, we ship you a single 7-foot length of hose.

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