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Hallman Boost Controller

Hallman Pro Manual Boost Controller

Hallman Pro Manual Boost Controller

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The Hallman Pro Kit contains the impeccably designed Hallman Pro valve, the standard by which manual boost controllers are measured. It is machined of billet aluminum and stainless steel pieces and incorporates new features not currently available on any other manual boost controller.

No lock nut is utilized, and no tools are used to adjust your boost. Simply turn the adjustment knob and it stays put. The adjustment knob cannot be lost or come out of the valve (that means perfect protection from over-boosting due to adjustment knob loss - it cannot vibrate loose and come out).

The Pro Kit includes the Hallman Pro valve, 3 feet of hose, boost controller mounting bracket, hardware packet, and complete installation instructions. This kit has all the installation hardware that is typically needed for most turbo installations.

Product Features
  • Hallman Pro valve
  • 3 feet of hose
  • Boost controller mounting bracket
  • Hardware packet
  • Complete installation instructions

Made in the USA.

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