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Hallman Boost Controller

Hallman Pro RX Manual Boost Controller

Hallman Pro RX Manual Boost Controller

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Intended for applications where boost is to be increased a maximum of 4 or 5 PSI over stock level.

The Hallman Pro RX Manual Boost Controller has a ceramic ball instead of the 316 stainless ball that comes in the Hallman Pro Manual Boost Contyroller. The ceramic ball weighs a fraction of what the stainless steel balls weighs. This weight difference allows the ceramic ball to respond quickly. This helps to minimize spiking, particularly when used with applications that produce lower boost.

The RX kit also includes a light spring. The light spring allows for very fine adjustment of boost up to 4 to 5 pounds of boost over "stock". Boost can be adjusted in as little as half pound (.5 PSI) increments very consistently with this valve.

The combination of the ceramic ball and the light spring make the Hallman Pro RX kit very well suited for the turbo enthusiast that wants to add a few psi of boost over stock, and have a great amount of control over those few pounds.

While this kit comes with the light spring already installed, it also includes the standard spring (which is found in the Hallman Pro Kit) for customers that would like to switch to the heavier spring and adjust to more than 5 psi of boost over stock, yet still take advantage of the quick-acting qualities of the ceramic ball. This is particularly helpful if your turbo system is only designed to allow increasing the boost a "small" amount now, but you modify your system to allow for higher boost levels in the future. Switching to the heavier spring allows the Hallman Pro RX Kit to "grow" with the rest of your turbo system.

Product Features

  • Hallman Pro valve
  • Ceramic ball
  • Both light and standard springs
  • 3 feet of hose
  • Boost controller mounting bracket
  • Hardware packet
  • Installation instructions

Made in the USA.

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