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Silicone Straight Hose, 36-Inch Length

Silicone Straight Hose, 36-Inch Length

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TurboLogic Silicone Straight Hose. 36 inch length. 4-ply polyester reinforced.  Gloss exterior. The exterior color is black.  Price is for one hose of 36" in length.

Professional grade reinforced silicone hose made of the highest quality silicone.  Withstands demanding boost applications for automotive and industrial use.   Suitable for Heavy Duty Applications. Ozone and oil splash resistant.  Meets and exceeds all performance and physical requirements of SAE J20 RI, RP 303B Class 1, Mil Spec A-A-52426, and OEM Heavy-Duty Vehicle Requirements.  Temperature range -65°F to 350°F continuous. 

Please note that silicone hose is not suitable for the transport of fuel or oil.

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